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InteliSpend was founded in 1997 on the strength of a single, simple idea that changes the way prepaid reward cards work, and opens up infinite possibilities for what they can do to enhance business results. That idea is DirectSpend, a way to direct spending by choosing or excluding what merchants accept a prepaid card. It’s a level of customization that wasn't offered until recently, and has helped make us the leading provider of prepaid incentives in North America.

InteliSpend people are diverse and driven, and InteliSpend careers have started in lots of unexpected ways. That's because at InteliSpend, we truly believe in the amazing, transformative power of people. So it’s probably no surprise to find out we understand that nothing has as much of an impact on a company’s success as employees. When you join us, you can expect opportunities for development and growth, a strong commitment to employee recognition, and a respectful, high-performance company culture.


Use the search function here to find out about available positions at InteliSpend ranging from summer internships to fulltime executive-level opportunities, in Canada and the U.S., at our headquarters or in satellite offices.

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InteliSpend employees are happy and energized, and have earned human resources awards for their level of engagement. For this we credit fabulous people, plus a pretty special culture and a nice, healthy benefits package.

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