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What does a brilliant idea evolve into?
InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions.


InteliSpend was founded on the strength of a single, simple idea. This idea changes the way prepaid cards work, and opens up infinite possibilities for what they can do to enhance business results. We’ve named this idea DirectSpend. It’s a patented process that makes it possible to direct how prepaid cards are redeemed, by choosing which merchants accept them. It’s a level of customization that wasn’t offered until recently, and has helped make us the leading provider of incentive solutions in North America.

So obviously, people at InteliSpend believe in the transformative power of a great idea. We have the knowledge to bring innovative, groundbreaking solutions to life. What’s less obvious, but quite real, is our strong commitment to relationships. We understand that a solution is only brilliant when it’s supported by standout client and cardholder service. And we make it a priority to forge and sustain partnerships, so that we have the tools and functionality to create the most ideal prepaid solutions.

From a single, simple idea we’ve evolved into a company with millions of activated prepaid cards, for thousands of clients. We have more than 300 of the Fortune 500 on our client roster, and they come to us for prepaid solutions on all 4 payment networks, for incentive programs ranging from rewards to payments. Not bad, considering we’ve only been around since 1997. Today, we’re a Blackhawk Network business, able to offer more services and solutions to clients than ever before.

Blackhawk Network

InteliSpend is part of Blackhawk Network, and ideally positioned to assist in covering all channels where businesses and consumers demand prepaid.

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Leadership Profiles

Our company officers are single-minded when it comes to the prepaid business: the priority is to lead in highly responsive, forward-thinking solutions. These same officers are also distinct individuals with varied experiences and interests.

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Community Support

Everyone at InteliSpend understands that working as a group, we have the power to do more good than we could ever do alone. That’s why we band together to put our collective energy towards building a better community.

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