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All the prepaid expertise and resources you need. In one place.

Prepaid solutions can make it simple to overcome complex challenges. They can significantly enhance your bottom line. And they can get better results from employee recognition, sales force incentives, channel relationships, consumer promotions, cost containment and much more.

It’s our mission to give you the freedom to build exactly what you need to get the most from your prepaid solution. So we’ve created a product platform with unmatched flexibility. Cultivated the key relationships that are critical to keeping your choices open. And assembled a team of experts unlike any other. Although we’re convinced that our approach to prepaid solutions is unrivaled, we’ll never stop evaluating, changing, improving and growing. This is why a prepaid solution from InteliSpend truly is currency evolved. And why InteliSpend advantages are business advantages for you.

Flexible Solutions


Our product platform enables us to develop and fine-tune highly customized cards. So you have the power to fully realize prepaid program opportunities with choices in payment network, merchant acceptance, and much more.

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Key Partnerships


InteliSpend purposefully builds collaborative partnerships with all four major payment card networks, merchants, specialized technology providers, and many others to give you advantages in creating prepaid solutions.

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Unmatched Service


Prepaid for business is our single focus. So we’re staffed with experts and structured to offer the kind of support that prepaid programs for business require: collaborative, attentive and detail-oriented.

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