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In the prepaid industry, there are lots of definitions for “custom.” Our definition is true to the dictionary, thanks to a highly flexible product platform. It allows you to customize everything or just one thing about your card, with build-your-own card materials, a selection of all four major card networks, and a multitude of other card features.

Customization from InteliSpend also includes access to our patented process, DirectSpend. This advanced option gives you the power to decide where your card can be spent. It opens up strategic, economic and experiential opportunities you can’t get any other way, and puts a really different perspective on prepaid solutions. Because of DirectSpend, we offer products from two distinct groups:

Universal Acceptance Cards: These products can be spent anywhere. We build them for general use and optimize them for specific needs such as wellness incentives, consumer promotions and cash management.

Selective Acceptance Cards: With our ability to hand-select merchants, you can create your own, one-of-a-kind product. Or you can choose one of our cards with prebuilt themes, such as “Dining.” Both are engaging and come with lots of custom options.

If you don’t need a highly customized prepaid card, that’s fine, too. We have off-the-shelf products that are ready in as little as 24 hours, and offer a selection of our popular items online.

At InteliSpend customization and choices are a part of everyday business, not the exception. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we’re willing and able to build it. Because when you’re aiming for success, limits just get in the way.



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