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The most advanced, flexible solutions start with partnership.

Close up of a men’s quadruple skulls rowing team, seconds after the start of their race

At InteliSpend, we don’t just have relationships. We have collaborative partnerships. This applies to people and companies in all dimensions of our business: clients, suppliers, employees, payment processors and networks.

Our strong emphasis on partnership is why we’re a top-tier prepaid card provider, and have issued millions of cards worth billions. It’s the reason merchants work with us to offer DirectSpend cards, spent exclusively where our clients choose. It’s the reason we’re able to offer prepaid solutions on all four major card networks. And it’s how, in cooperation with a leading industry processor, we recently launched a unique platform that enables virtually unlimited product possibilities.

Without partnerships, it wouldn’t be possible for InteliSpend to provide clients and partners with the most advanced, intelligent prepaid solutions. This is exactly why we go to work every day with the goal of collaborative partnership in mind.


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