Three Keys to Inspired, Engaged Employees

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Engaged employees are vital to the success of any company, large or small. But what goes into creating a workplace where employees are inspired to be their best? How do employees feel supported to take the initiatives that will ultimately lead to a greater success for everyone? There is no one solution that is perfect for any business, but there are three key elements that are part of every strategy.

Clear Communication“ An engaged workplace doesn’t happen by accident. Communicate your desire to foster a positive work environment with your leadership team. Share the steps you’d like to take to get there. Set goals and let your employees know when and how they’ll be evaluated and rewarded. Encourage dialogue between your managers and their staff and let it be known that you’re listening.

Tools for Success“ It might be as simple as adding a small library of useful reading material at the office, or like Google, providing a portion of work time for employees to focus on personal projects. A pre-defined spending budget might help sales and customer service employees immediately go the extra mile for their clients when opportunity strikes. A plan is a solid foundation, but needs to be supported by the resources employees need to accomplish the goals you’ve defined.

Rewards for Successes¦ and Failures – Recognizing and rewarding success is crucial to building a workplace of engaged, motivated employees. If employees don’t feel their contributions are being valued, or even noticed, they’ll stop performing. Many incentive plans wisely include some sort of tangible reward, such as extra vacation days or prepaid cards, for successes, but there’s another area that can often be overlooked. Don’t forget to support the failures, too. If the goal is to foster a work environment were employees are always trying their best, you should reward the attempts, even when the end result isn’t a win.

One last thing to help foster a work environment that’s positive and promotes inspired, engaged employees? Setting a good example. When employees see their mentors and others in leadership positions taking advantage of the opportunities the company provides, they’ll be more likely to join in, too.


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