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We appreciate your interest in InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions partnership. Whether you’re a business interested in reselling our products, a merchant interested in becoming part of our DirectSpend network, or a current partner who would like to sign up for our Partner Resource, we’re happy to provide InteliSpend partnership information. It's the beginning of a conversation. And conversation is the way mutually beneficial relationships are built.

Partners like you are a high priority, so you’ll hear from us very soon after you send in your information: 24 hours or less. Have an urgent question? Feel free to contact us by phone.

United States Canada
Resellers Martin Hood: 636.226.2040 Gaetana Surdi: 647.253.5852
Agencies Paul Louis: 314.725.5190 Gaetana Surdi: 647.253.5852
Banks and Credit Unions Martin Hood: 636.226.2040 Martin Hood: 636.226.2040
Merchants MaryBeth Barbeau: 636.226.2035 MaryBeth Barbeau: 636.226.2035
Licensees Sheree Thornsberry: 636.226.2055 Sheree Thornsberry: 636.226.2055
Partner Resource Nikki Washington: 636.226.2269 Nikki Washington: 636.226.2269
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