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Discover new prepaid card uses to benefit your business.

You can be sure that the rapid speed of change is here to stay, and will continue to accelerate. The same is true of your need to engage people, control expenses, and improve on the status quo. So it’s essential to keep finding fresh ideas, to keep learning, and to keep asking how to make things better.

Fortunately, prepaid cards are the answer to business needs that range from corporate incentives to consumer rebates to employee payroll. Recent innovations have expanded potential prepaid card uses far beyond what anyone would have guessed. Keep reading to gather new information that will put you, and your company, in a better position to benefit from all that prepaid solutions can do.

Consumer Promotions


As a marketer, you’re familiar with prepaid card uses that improve rebates, encourage trial, build loyalty and create unique prizes. But did you know they can also enhance the sell-in process? Or provide consumer insight?

Employee Reward Programs


It’s magical when you create a personal connection between individual employees and corporate goals. With the right reward, you can transform wellness, foster a recognition culture, improve retention and more.

Increase Sales


Sales programs using the right incentives report an 80% success rate. Our customizable products give you the freedom to create something completely new that generates results, whether your goal is product introduction or a lift in sales.

Appreciation Rewards


It’s tricky to please everyone, whether you’re handing out year-end bonuses, saying thanks for a referral, or sending clients a little something for the holidays. Prepaid cards are professional, fun to get, and strengthen relationships.

Cash Management


Prepaid payment cards are an intelligent way to handle expenses when corporate cards are too much of a commitment, and cash gives you too little control. They reduce financial risk, and even allow you to recover unused funds.

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Employee Payroll


Until recently, direct deposit wasn’t an option without a bank account. Payroll cards solve that problem and save you money. Added features even help employees with cash flow issues and encourage conversion to paperless pay.

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Streamline Inventory


If you’re in the business of selling prepaid cards, you’re familiar with the challenges that come with maintaining a large inventory. Consolidate your single-store gift cards onto a single prepaid card to eliminate costs and complications.

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