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Getting the most from InteliSpend prepaid products: It’s all about details.

You've had plenty of exposure to prepaid cards in your personal life. But it’s likely you weren't aware of this, because they were called “gift cards.” So, why the change in terms? Because prepaid cards can be much more than gifts, when you look at how they improve business.

At their most basic level, prepaid cards can simplify the way businesses share funds with individuals. This alone is a great advantage for managing rewards, expenses and payroll. But it’s only the beginning. Look deeper into who will be using a prepaid card, why they’ll have it, and where they’ll spend it, and you can fine-tune features to create a powerful business tool. Something unique that’s able to reduce costs as well as inspire action, increase sales, build loyalty and even help you gain consumer insights.

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Information about the entire catalog of InteliSpend prepaid products is available to you online. This makes it easy to find out what’s available in your country, for your business purpose, with your preferred features. Purchasing information is provided, too.

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How They Help


Prepaid card capabilities are constantly expanding and improving. Because of all this change, new uses are always surfacing. To find out more about all the places and ways prepaid can improve business, head on over to Uses.

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How They’re Built


The right features make the difference between a workable prepaid card solution and a brilliant one. Learn what’s possible with our highly flexible product platform, and how it empowers companies to make the most of their opportunities.

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