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Flexibility makes it possible to build your ideal
prepaid card solution.

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When you’re aiming for success, limits just get in the way. That’s why InteliSpend is so committed to building custom prepaid cards. With us, you get the freedom to adjust all kinds of prepaid card features, so that they’re a match for your business needs. And it goes a lot deeper than artwork on card plastic, or face value. We give you the ability to select the filter (where a card can be spent), options and network for your best-case scenario. Of course, if you’re looking for something simple, we can do that too.


Prepaid cards can be accepted virtually anywhere, or acceptance can be filtered to a particular industry or your selected merchants. It’s the ultimate prepaid card customization option, and can benefit your budget, strategy and brand.

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The artwork on your card is important. Unless you’re going with virtual cards. Whether physical or virtual, your card is a more perfect fit when you’re able to fine-tune its appearance, functionality, and then some.

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Not every network fits every client. InteliSpend has relationships with all four major payment card networks: American Express, Discover®, MasterCard and Visa. And we understand how to leverage their strengths to your best advantage.

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