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Ability to filter where cards are accepted can change everything.

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As a consumer, you’re familiar with single-store gift cards and cards that can be spent anywhere. But you may not know about cards that are good at groups of merchants. These cards can be created for acceptance at a handful of locations or thousands of places. You won’t find this type of card everywhere, as it’s more complex to set up. But it provides fantastic opportunities, for all sorts of business uses. InteliSpend invented the process (DirectSpend) that powers prepaid card acceptance filters, so we’re pleased to offer this type of card to you alongside all our other solutions.

Universal Acceptance

Universally accepted prepaid cards are a more evolved, effective solution than cash. They carry powerful network branding, can be spent almost anywhere, and are convenient for purchases either business or pleasure.

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Selective Acceptance

When you have the power to control prepaid card acceptance, you have access to bigger possibilities and bigger results. Include or exclude merchants by industry, name and more with our patented DirectSpend process.

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