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Yes, you can really fine-tune the effectiveness of prepaid cards by controlling merchant acceptance. This may not be something you’ve considered before, but it’s worth thinking about if you want them to work harder for your budget, strategy and brand.

At InteliSpend, we have a trademarked term for selective acceptance (or closed-loop) prepaid cards: DirectSpend. This is the name of the process we developed to direct spending from a particular card to particular merchants. But whether you call this type of card closed-loop, RAN (Restricted Access Network) or DirectSpend, the idea is the same: it’s simply a card accepted by a select group of merchants.

Selective acceptance cards are a happy medium between single-store cards and universal cards. By filtering spending options, they give you more control over purchases and the experience your card delivers. Yet they still have enough spending flexibility to satisfy the needs of diverse groups. Dining-only expense cards can work for vegans and burger lovers. And travel reward cards can accommodate both road warrior and air-mile collectors.

Explore the acceptance filter types below to learn more about how picking and choosing merchants for card acceptance can benefit your business.

Prebuilt 100+ Merchants

These cards are smart alternatives to universally accepted cards. They offer a generous range of choices for rewarding diverse groups, and deliver more memorable, meaningful purchase experiences.

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Prebuilt Themes

Cards with merchants that fit a theme deliver a cohesive, on-strategy experience and engage the imagination. They can filter spending to an industry type, such as restaurants. Or they can be matched to a purchase type, such as “Home.”

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Custom Builds

Selective acceptance cards can be customized for all kinds of uses. For expenses, you’d filter acceptance to corporate-approved locations or industries. For rewards, you’d choose a theme like Healthy Living or Summer Road Trips.

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