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See what a difference it makes to have advanced
prepaid card customization options.

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It’s liberating to have lots of options. They can inspire, with the potential to become something fresh, smart and new. Unless you lack the right information. Then, lots of options looks a lot like potential disaster.

That’s where InteliSpend comes in. We’re your Sherpa, able to guide you as you customize your prepaid card options. It’s simple: you tell us where you want to go. We’ll get you there, and even do the heavy lifting so it’s really easy. Of course, if you really want to learn something new, we’re here. Starting now.

5% Back

For years, we’ve enjoyed getting 5% back on purchases made with consumer credit cards. Now this added value is available on prepaid cards for your marketing and corporate incentives, too.

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There’s more than one way to give cardholders access to funds. Enhance your prepaid card with top-level security, the excitement of instant gratification, or an easy way to gather information about what makes cardholders tick.

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Card Appearance

Prepaid cards are tiny but powerful traveling billboards that can be completely customized or slightly tweaked, depending on your brand or company priorities. Find what works for your timeline, budget and objective.

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Standard cardholder communications are included with all our cards. But sometimes it makes sense to do more. We can help, whether you want a multi-lingual cardholder website or custom stickers on card faces.

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If your card’s made to cover expenses for a particular business trip, expiration can be sooner. But if your card will be handed out over a 6-month period, longer expiration is better. We allow you to adjust this timing for better results.

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Choosing from single-load and reloadable cards is easy. What’s not always easy is getting funds onto cards. Fortunately, there’s a simple funding option to fit your prepaid card program, no matter the size or level of complexity.

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Program Management

You’ve got cards and a plan. InteliSpend brings them together neatly with program management tools made to run everything smoothly, ranging from off-the-shelf to custom-built.

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Sometimes, it makes sense to mail cards individually to recipients’ homes. And sometimes you want them delivered in bulk to the home office. No problem. We’ll make sure your cards end up where they belong, on time and on budget.

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There are some prepaid card providers with strict limits on value. That’s not us. We give you a choice of points or dollars, can provide custom values like 76 or 102 or 14, and can secure amounts into the thousands if that’s what you need.

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When you’re looking to provide spending power without plastic, promo codes and virtual cards are the way to go. We deliver them how you choose, with the security and speed you need to make your program a success.

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