MAX Discover® Prepaid Card

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Lots of exciting choices at great stores, restaurants and more.

MAX Discover® Prepaid Card

Shopping, dining and more at 200+ U.S. locations.

The MAX Discover® prepaid card is welcome at so many popular places, it’s able to please even the most persnickety reward recipients. To illustrate just how maximized this card’s shopping options are, let’s talk numbers: take a conservative estimate of 2,000 items per merchant, multiply it by 200 merchants, and you get 400,000 purchase options.

These options are highly desirable ones, too: electronics, apparel, jewelry, gifts, home and garden items, sporting goods, toys, restaurant dining, cruises, vacation packages, luggage and more.

You’ll appreciate all the options offered by MAX Cards, too. They’re available as single-load or reloadable cards, can be customized with your brand or artwork, and are offered with or without name personalization.


Available for purchase in the U.S. Issued in points, 1 point = $1 U.S. Promotion-friendly activation options Cardholder survey option with online activation Single-load or reloadable Custom or standard card and collateral Option to show Discover Acceptance Mark on card back only Can be anonymous or personalized Ships to U.S. locations individually or in bulk

Recommended Uses

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Encourage higher levels of engagement, performance and safety with incentives that reinforce desired behavior.

Holiday & Year-End Gifts

Thank clients and reward employees for helping your business have a great year.

Customer Loyalty

Reward customers who make it a habit to choose you over competitors.

Purchase & Trial Incentives

Give consumers a great reason to go ahead and buy, take a test drive, or sign up for service.

Customer & Employee Referrals

Show advocates how much you appreciate it when they personally recommend you to others.

Sales/Dealer Incentives

Keep both your direct sales force and distributor network focused on increasing sales.

Service Anniversaries

Recognize company loyalty with a reward that’s as valuable to your employees as they are to you.

Wellness Incentives

Inspire employees to sign up for your corporate wellness program and stick with it for the long term.

Event Marketing

Include exciting, risk-free giveaways in your brand’s plans for street teams and sponsorships.

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