Patents, Trade Marks and Service Marks

Preferences® Card, and DirectSpend® are registered marks of InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions and are part of a system and method covered by U.S. Patent No. 5,689,100 and 5,956,695 and/or Canada Patent No. 2,215,969.

U.S. Patent No. 8,464,938, covering a process that enables a clients to customize cards by selecting merchants and other custom features, is owned by InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions.

InteliSpend Reward NavigatorSM, Portico®, and My Prepaid CenterSM are registered service marks of InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions.

InteliSpend™, InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions™, Currency EvolvedSM, Celebrate® Card,  Home Solutions® Card and Persona® Card are registered trademarks of InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions.

American Express® Gift Cheques are registered marks of American Express.


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